Two friends, Jack and Phil, meet in a hotel to shoot a gay adult movie between two straight guys: an “art project” to send to an independent movie festival, but they now feel uncomfortable. Their attempts to even just kiss or hug are clumsy and awkward. As time goes on, they prolong their problems. Jack is struggling with his life as an artist while Phil reveals his doubts about his sexual identity. Freely inspired by the independent movie Humpday, this unlikely comedy turns from a goofy, relaxed, funny situation into a deeper analysis of human nature.

Freely inspired by the script of the independent american movie “Humpday”, this drama was awarded the “Premio Internazionale Fëdor Dostoevskij” for new writing. Originally planned to debut on the 2020 ED Fringe, the show was postoponed due to pandemic, and first went on stage on the first ever Colchester Fringe in 2021, where it was positively welcomed by critics.

Working in Milan since 2012, I Birbanti is a well-known Italian thatre reality, with shows performed all over the country and that staged their shows in the past also in Switzerland, France, England and Scotland.